Sands Of Time - Early Demos & Rarities

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Compiled and remastered at Dreaming Studios, England 2009.
Produced and engineered by: Leon Macey / Liam Kavanagh / Mithras

Lyrics / Concepts / Music: Leon Macey / Rayner Coss
Layout and design by Lisa Macey (

All music and lyrics copyright Mithras 1998-2010

Recording Line-Up:
Oratory / Bass - Rayner Coss
Guitars / Drums - Leon Macey
Guitars - Steve Crompton
Drums - Justin Joyce

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Conquered Realms
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Lyrics: Coss / Music / Macey

Confronted massive armies
Clash for forgotten lands
I oppose the enemy
To overthrow their few
Dispensing of my thousands
Promising them the riches
Mercenaries marching on
Prevailing at my call

I come to command
This forgotten land
I must control them all
They all must fall
I am the one
Godly in my stature
Leader of these men
Conqueror of all

Men standing under command
waiting for my orders
Lands to rule far away
Come to take it all
I am of many powers
Leader of the countless
Mocking the attempts
Of all in my way

Hear of me and live in fear
The one who dominates
Bringing your homes to their knees
Another land to rule
Nominal forces pushed aside
My men never seize
Followers of my orders
Crush under foot

Men scatter in terror
At what their eyes behold
Masses rising high
As men flock to me
Legend amongst mankind
Forever standing tall
Commander of my realm
Monarch to its grounds

Lyrics: Coss / Music / Macey

Kings across the sea
Coming for your land
Sending mighty armies
Come to take your homes
Inhabitants of your lands
Fighting for their lives
Smashed to the ground
By the over-powering

Leaders march their armies
Taking all your cities
Crusade across the sea
To rule a new land
Hopeless battle lost
Supremacy to reign
Bringing forth a god...
A god for your worship

See the Kings....
In purple robes
Sat aloft
On golden thrones
Gods among men
Gods among men
Forever conquering

Ancient rituals torn away
Dictatorship enforced
Follow the new order
Brought from foreign lands
Bringing forth advances
Bringing forth the wise
Technology so superior
That lived in your dreams...

Deserted lands left by Kings
Constructions still stand
Left for the memory
Of this conquered land
Summoned by their Emperor
To go and save their homes
Land left to be haunted
Haunted forever more.......

Ancient Prophecy
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Lyrics: Coss / Music / Macey

Ancient scripture upon the wall
Carvings tell a prophecy
A Godly statue awaits release
To reign this land once more
Knowledge of writings slips away
Time grows ever short
Worshipped only by a few
Await the chosen one

An elder race, pray to he
keeping his name alive
As the years pass by your kind
numbers dwindle, tales die
Strictly following the sacred rites
Generations pass him by
His name lives for centuries
Until his time doth come

Statue waits in marble halls
A motionless god awake no more
Contained within his stone-clad fort
Imprisoned by a curse
Echoing walls , a sacred shrine
Display a god in static state
Something lives deep within
A Lord, A God, Your future King

A child born with holy mark
coming forth , the chosen one.
Set the quest centuries convey
writings, truth unfolds.
Across the deserts of distant lands
A man's crusade must go
Return your Saviour, son to thee
Release the Emperor, promised to me

In the halls, a statue stands
A lord awaits his promised land
Fulfil the prophecy of the ancient ones
Release the God, let him rule once more
Land barren and so forlorn
Needs a lord to rule once more
Let him free and be the one
To command his chosen son

Lyrics: Coss / Music / Macey

Release his beaten army
Show me immortal ones
As the land starts to bleed
Rivers now blood - filled
Attack upon man and beast
Lice infected, swarm
Amphibious epidemic rules
Plague across the land

Land left so desolate
Watch it drift away
Hear last commandment
Justice to be done
See the first born of kin
Consumed in a sea of death
Land released from holy rule
Kill the Pharaoh king

Lands so cancerous
Anthrax infected flock
Ashes begin to blister
Ruptures on man's skin
Hail falls as fires burn
Disaster raining down
leaving land exposed to pain
Pharaohs evil rule

Shadows fall upon
Locusts start to feed
Strip the crops, expose the sand
Condemn this desert land
Sky darkens three days long
Darkness all to rule
Every man blind to see-
What this lands become

See the sign, smeared
Blood of sacrificed
Devour with haste, the flesh
Never water sodden, burn
Plague comes to pass
Smite Egyptian first born
Follow and live by demand
Leave Egyptian land

Children to live in fear
follow cloud of dust
Column of fire dictates
See the sight of war
Guarded night and day
Encamp by nature's side
Carrying bones of the dead
Mistrusted god commands

Rested by coast of sea
Let the Pharaoh come
Chariots six-hundred strong
led by chosen few
Retreat across divided sea
Closes upon ungodly son
My hand shall destroy
We all be dead men

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The CD booklet Features extensive liner notes from Rayner Coss and Leon Macey, with comments from Liam Kavanagh (ex guitarist / producer), Steve Crompton (ex guitarist) and Justin Joyce (ex drummer).