Time Never Lasts

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Tracks 1 and 2
Recorded at Dreaming Studios, England 2010-2011.
Produced by Leon Macey
Mixed and mastered by Leon Macey and Lee du-Caine

Lyrics / Music / Arrangements: Leon Macey

Recording Line-Up:
Rayner Coss - Oratory/Bass
Leon Macey - Guitars/Drums

These tracks are working versions of tracks which will feature on the next Mithras album

Why do we live?
To plant our seeds in far oases
To set free that which we create
To rest as the wheel turns again
Dreaming far beyond the bounds of our realm

Tracks 3,4 and 5
recorded at the Mithras live show at the Day Of Unrest Festival, Purple Turtle, Camden, London Dec 14th 2008

Recording Line-Up:
Rayner Coss - Oratory/Bass
Leon Macey - Guitars
Ben White - Session Drums

Recorded onto multitrack via the front of house mixing console
Mixed by Leon Macey at Dreaming Studios, England 2009.
There are no overdubs on this recording

Lyrics / Music / Arrangements: Leon Macey / Rayner Coss

All music and lyrics copyright and published by Mithras/Rayner Coss/Leon Macey 1998-2011

Cover artwork by Martin Wulffeld
Layout and design by Lisa Macey (lisa@ztmag.com)

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Time Never Lasts
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Lyrics / Music: Macey

Time never lasts
It ran down and out
Frozen we never were
Once endless
Now entropic and relative
Ending with no fanfare
In the beginning
Of the end
We tried to find escape
But time
Never lasts

Our hearts became so cold
But once burned
With cores of fire
Our auras everlasting
If only those moments could last forever

Joined as one
We chose this existence
Now all our works will be lost with time

The attraction fades
We drift apart
You grew so cold
We'll dance no more
Off into the dark
To orbits far from here

When young we played
Between the stars
We never knew
Time was set against us
And when the distant
Began to fade
We'd stayed too long
Our time was gone

Because time never lasts


Lyrics / Music: Macey

I dreamt of god
He turned his gaze unto me
I stared
His eyes of fire
Into my mind
I was blinded
Was what I saw the mind of god?

I remember what I saw
Mere words could not illuminate
How will my mind contain
Thoughts so alien?
Monstrous visions
Of the vastness of void and time
And bear
The Ululation
Which lies beyond
The final wall

In the spiral
Where all beginnings end
Lurks a horror
A palsy upon the face of god
The uncreation of all times
When all becomes naught
In the minds of the world eater

The shimmering


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