Alex York
The website designer who designed this site and took band photos

Candlelight Records
The label who released Mithras' first three albums

Dan Seagrave
Artist who painted the cover for 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness'

Dreaming Studios
The studio Mithras recorded 'Worlds...' and 'Shadows...' at

Mark Flowers
Photographer responsible for some of Mithras' live photography

Mithras Official Facebook Fan Page
The official Mithras Facebook fan page

Mithras' page
Mithras on

Mithras' Official forum
The Mithras web forum

Mithras' Official Myspace
The Mithras myspace page

Mithras Webshop
Webstore run by the band - buy all their cds and t-shirts here

Mithras' YouTube page
Mithras on YouTube

The Senseless
Band of ex-vocalist Sam Bean (with Leon Macey on drums)

Zero Tolerance Magazine
UK extreme music magazine, owned by Leon